We handle the whole process from start to finish

We do not only focus on help with searching, negotiating and moving of your office. From common vision formation and desires, help in executing your strategy. To monitoring and follow-up on everything around your office. All to ensure that your office is always optimally utilized. Both now and in the future. You can also choose to let us help with some of the tasks - you decide.


It makes good sense to RIGHTSIZE in different phases of the business life. In this way, the office can support the strategy that the company's management sets for the operational and financial execution of the company's most important resource - namely the team of skilled employees

Vision formation

We believe in creating the optimal physical framework for utilizing the company's total resources and the greatest possible value for customers, users, employees and shareholders. A clear vision formation includes all the activities in a company that support a company's core activity with emphasis on both finances, working environment, productivity and the company's production capacity.

We help you create a clear vision and insight into the full potential. This phase consists of three elements:

1. People
a. Demography 
b. Generations mix
c. Commuting analysis  
d. Employee analysis 

2. Workplace  
a. Properties
b. square metres  
c. Building operations 
d. Organization service 
e. Ways of working 
f. Design and concept   

3. Value
a. Leases
b. Identification of potential   
c. Business case 
d. Stay or Go analysis

A complete execution of the company's vision is essential to unleash potentials. We ensure that all facets are covered using the best specialists on the market both in-house and through quality partners.

We help you with a successful execution of your vision. This phase consists of six elements:

1. Search  
a. On/Off market 
b. Showings
c. Qualification     

3. Communication   
a. Stakeholders 
b. Employee onboarding   
c. Action plans  

5. Technology 
a. Smart-office tracking  
b. Virtual Reality   
c. Virtuel showings   
d. Acoustic simulation  

2. Negotiation  
a. Negotiation of new lease   
b. Negotiation of existing lease  
c. Reestablishment costs   
d. Suppliers 

4. Design  
a. Action plans 
b. Design and construction 
c. Room planning  

5. Moving  
a. Planning of relocation  
b. Moving from a til b    
c. Setup of inventory   


In order to realize the full potential of RIGHTSIZE, we stay on board to monitor how your office is utilized using advanced technology and data collection.

We help fulfill your potential with RIGHTSIZE. This phase consists of four elements:

1. Surveillance  
a. Smart office tracking 
b. Evaluation and follow-up 
c. APVs 
d. Surveys 

2. Data collection  
a. Leases 
b. Payments  
c. Agreements 

3. Lease review 
a. Renegotiation reminders  
b. Follow up on payments 
c. Untapped opportunities  

4. Hotline 
a. Direct telephone hotline 
b. Reminders of required action